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Michael Jordan is one of the most revered name in sports. His success as an athlete has granted him a grand platform to inspire and reach out to the world without limits. Since his retirement as an NBA player,cheap air jordans, his success has continued in an upward trend,cheap retro jordans, but one knock against the big guy is that very rarely ever spoke out to the masses about serious matters. Carmelo Anthony recently took to Instagram to inspire and challenge his fellow athletes to rise up and catalyze change in positive direction,cheap rea jordans, and there’s no question that the awareness among the athletic elite has grown. Today,cheap jordans for sale, Michael Jordan finally spoke out against the senseless violence that’s been a major black cloud over our great nation.
“I grieve with the families who have lost loved ones,cheap jordans free shipping, as I know their pain all too well.” Jordan and his family were a victim of senseless violence; over twenty years ago,cheap jordans, his father was murdered and it changed the trajectory of his career. He retired from basketball to pursue baseball stardom as a tribute to his late father. He returned to the game to reclaim the throne,cheap jordans online, breaking down in uncontrollable tears after winning his fourth title in June of 1996.In addition to his powerful statement,www.findyourcheapjordans.com, MJ is extending his stance by way of monetary donations to the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s newly established Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. A contribution of $1 million will be made to each of the groups as both lead the charge towards peace. Read Jordan’s full statement on ESPN’s The Undefeated.


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